Cyberdog History

Cyberdog was created 21 years ago driven by a backlash against the retro mania within the fashion world at that time. The progressive clothes soon became cult items within the expressive youth in Clubland and then reached out to bridge the narrowing gap into the Streetwear market.

Cyberdog had a definite leading role in creating the ‘cyber youth culture’ of today, and is now establishing itself amongst the various urban scenes worldwide. It remains the market-leading brand of the underground scenes and strives to stay a step ahead in the evolution of fashion and lead the way in trends rather than follow them.

Cyberdog is more a way of life than just a clothing brand.

Cyberdog’s three-floor flagship store in Camden, London, is famous in its own right and is explored by thousands weekly. There, the true Cyberdog experience lies within the visual and audio stimulation of probably the most expressive store in the world.

The vibe and décor were conceived from a strong desire to create a store that made shopping a fun, interactive and approachable experience, a space that was enjoyable to visit and where experimental art and clothing would feel at home.